j Positive short sale news.  Finally lenders are coming around to promoting short sales.  The reason is clear.  It is a dollar decision.  On average, a short sale provides $27,000 more than a foreclosure to the lender.  This amount is calculated using national figures.

j Home sale prices rising.  The rise has been from declining inventory and attractive prices, buyers are willing to offer more thatn asking price.  However economists are wary of continued increases.  Prices are correlated to median income.  Adjusted for inflation, income has not risen since 1996.

  Homeownership is still considered a best long-term investment by 81% of Americans. The Pew Research Center found a home is a key component to building wealth as home owners have 30 times more than the wealth of renters.

j  First-time home buyers need to be pre-approved by a lender for a specific purchase amount.  This helps find homes within their price range that allows acting quickly with confidence in making an offer when the home is found.

j What it takes to sell a home.  (1) Listing at market price.  (2) Easy access to potential puchasers.  (3) Remove clutter, perhaps fresh neutral paint and consider a professional stager.  (4) Willingness to accept FHA financing or give other seller concessions.
(5) Most importantly, frank discussions and mutual trust between agent and seller.

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