Organ Donation

LifeDonor USA Foundation was founded by Cathy and Jay McCall with daughters Bridget and Meredith to honor thier son and brother.

Jim McCall was an organ and tissue donor at age nineteen following a motorcycle accident in 1998.  His giving and loving nature is perpetuated by the 501-c-3 nonprofit Foundation.

He had made the decision to be a donor prior to his accident.  His book of life continues to add new chapters through his gifts of life, love and legacy and as Foundation activities affect others to be donors.

The VISION of LIfeDonor USA is that here be no organ recipient waiting except for medical criteria of an organ match.

The MISSION of LifeDonor USA is to increase the number of donors and decrease the number of Americans waiting for organs through community awareness and to encourage discussion within families of the decision to be a donor so that family members know each other's wishes.

Volunteers are available for presentations at civic, social, fraternal, business, religious organizations and services. Organ recipients and family members of organ donors are the volunteer speakers.

Cathy McCall is kept busy speaking at meetings of medical personel and community groups on "Circle of Life".  She knows both sides of organ donation with recently having a daughter receive a kidney and pancreas.

Contact Jay or Cathy McCall at 520-887-7847 or lifedonor@msn.com for presentations and information.
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